How to create and optimize a high converting Landing page

Creating a good landing page is like making a steak: it seems so easy but has a lot of details that will either break it or make it.
An impressive landing page is a key component in helping you convert visitors into customers. You should remember that your ROI depends on how good is your landing page because a cheaply designed page can lead to just a waste of an ad budget. Talking about advertising, we want to share some tips for more success in conversions.

Tip #1

Is not to drive ad traffic to a homepage. Check standard e-commerce homepage — it’s full of so much information and possible actions so the user can miss some crucial steps. Your promo campaign should lead to the place where the user can take action — make a goal of the campaign.

You can double your sales
without increasing the budget on ads

Tip #2

Once the user landed on your site within a few seconds he should get the answers: “what is this site about?”, “is there the information I was really searching for?”, “can I trust it?”. No carousel images! One image or background with clear CTA.

Tip #3

  1. Your value proposition. Why should the user chose you and not your competitor? Why are you better? Add prominent CTA
  2. Details of your product/service. Write a good description who you are or what is your service.
  3. Write about the user’s “pains” and how you can help to solve them.
  4. Dive deeper into your product/service.
  5. Write more about advantages/ social proof. Write about some key features or unique proposals. More value proposition.
  6. Add prominent CTA, question/subscription form or anything else depending on what is your main goal.

In conclusion

Here are some other quick ideas on how to improve your landing page CRO process.

  • Set up Google analytics, set up Google Tag Manager, set up goals and events tracking. Don’t forget to create Scroll event to see the more truthful bounce rate;
  • Set up Hotjar for user behavior tracking (good advice for low traffic sites that cannot make a/b testing);
  • Make prominent and emotional CTA and headlines;
  • Add social proof block;
  • Add security proof (SSL certificate, secured payment label, etc);
  • Define your audience, write about its pain and give the solution;

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