Conversion rate optimization — is a process of constantly increasing the percentage of users who take the desired action (conversion) on your website. This is a process of finding a "money-leaking" places and their further elimination.

How does CRO work?

CRO research

As a Conversion rate optimization agency, we start our work with a detailed briefing. After an interview with the client and defining main business goals, we start CRO process works: Setting up analytics systems, heat maps, scroll maps, tracking forms.

Brainstorm the hypotheses

Collecting information and creating a list of the insights that can have the biggest impact on conversion:  revenue, AOV, RPV.

A-B testing

Design, setup, implement and launch A-B tests on the site. Every time you test, you learn more about your customers.

Defining a winner,
implementing the changes

Analyzing the results, defining the winners in the tests, implementing the changes on the site and launching a new test.

Сonversion Rate Optimization Research for eCommerce

50+ pages of insights, analysis with a To-Do plan of next steps prioritized by ROI.

Every good thing begins with a plan, CRO begins with a Research and Audit.

Heuristic Analysis

- Session recording
- Heatmaps and Scrollmap
- Forms analysis

Technical Analysis

- Google Analytics health check
- Cross-Device-Browser Testing
- Speed Analysis

User testing

- Test website UX with real users
- UX analysis

Customers survey

- Ask your audience what they think about your website - User personas portrait

Marketing channels analysis

- Performance analysis
- Sales funnel analysis

Action report

- Hypotheses list

Why CRO Is Important?

Conversion rate optimization is important because it’s the most cost-effective way to increase ROI.

You  may focus on increasing traffic or ad spend. But if very few of the people who land on your site convert into customers, then you’re throwing money down the drain.

Are we a good fit for you?

We are selective about our clients that we partner up with. We are looking for partners that are a good fit for building longlasting business relationships.

Question #1

Are you ready for a x3-x5 growth in the next 6 months?

Question #2

Does your business make on-line at least $50,000+ in monthly revenue?

Question #3

Do you understand the importance of investment in CRO for fast growth?

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Сonversion Rate Optimization is recommended to:


Online stores


Software as a service

ICO projects

Initial coin offering

IT company

Information Technology company

В2В company

Business to Business company

В2C company

Business to Customer company

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PPC Google Ads | Facebook Ads |
Analytics setup | Web Analytics works |
Traffic and User behavior analysis

Web Analytics works | Analytics setup | Traffic and User behavior analysis


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Google Ads | Email marketing | SEO


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